The 127 trick was a well known glitch found in Pouetpu-games by SPF180 and Popthatcorn14.

This glitch allowed users to rate levels between 0/10 and 127/10. In normal rates, users can only rate from 1/10 to 10/10 in a level, making this trick something strange when it first appeared.

This trick was also used by several fake-raters, who are now known as "127 fake-raters"

The trick doesn't works nowadays.


According with some users, when reviewing or voting, going into the inspect element menu will reveal the values and displays of the dropdown menu. Changing the value and display to one or the decimals listed above, will rate the said rate.

Another way to make negative numbers was with rating with 10 and reviewing with 1, removing the rate will cause a negative numbers consequence.



A level with a terrible consequence

When a level is rated 127, it messes up the level percentage. However, removing the rate will cause the level to go into negative score. As said above, it was used by several Fake Raters a lot. PG4Everyone, which was GL4, fake rated 127/10 on many levels and told people about how to do it.

These rates being removed caused a significant amount of good levels to the spam section.


One of the examples of a negative rate.