Pouetpu Games 2014 Award Winners

Pouetpu Games 2014 Award Winners

2014 PG Awards video featuring the winners of all categories.

The 2014 PG Awards (2014 Pouetpu-games Awards) was an official Pouetpu-games event announced on the end of december and ended on 1st January 2015, where were unveiled, according to users, the best of 2014, including levels, series, profiles and users.

The event was created and hosted by 09dhowell and Brendant98.

Once 09 choose the best levels, users and profiles to be nominated, all users were invited to select what they considered the best of the bests.

The event was divided into 9 sections: Best Classic Level, Best Puzzle Level, Best Hold Level, Best Classic Level Maker, Best Puzzle Level Maker, Best Hold Level Maker, Best Series, Best User and Best Profile.

All nominees and winners results were published on 09dhowell account page and on Ultimate Game Lab site.

Nominees and Winners Edit

Best Classic Level Edit

The nominees are:

  • Gigantic Fortress II - Przem1994
  • Mush. Mountain Zone - Markeyruiz97
  • Frenzied Forest - Orangetack
  • MR: LBN Chapter 1 Pt. 2 - SkoplerVision
  • The Harmonious Valley - Mario Blight

The winner is: Gigantic Fortress II (Przem1994)

Best Puzzle Level Edit

The nominees are:

  • Old Broken Shipwreck - Felipe de Farias
  • Zelda: Kokiri Forest - Cr8torGalaxy16
  • Vicarious - Zeldamaster12
  • SAW: World 5-3 - Lord Apoplexy
  • SNW: 7-2 Ice Cabin - LariosonicWJT

The winners are: Zelda: Kokiri Forest (Cr8torGalaxy16) & Vicarious (Zeldamaster12)

Best Hold Level Edit

The nominees are:

  • The Golden Age (Hold Right) - Mrckv3
  • Hold Anything (Q22) - Q12546wer22
  • Hold Right -  Oomphalapompatronium
  • Mutual Dreams - Endershord8
  • Cripple Quest (Hold Nothing) - Segomac

The winner is: Hold Anything (Q22) (Q12546wer22)

Best Classic Level Maker Edit

The nominees are:

  • Przem1994
  • Orangetack
  • SkoplerVision
  • Dukeonkled
  • Multi

The winner is: Przem1994

Best Puzzle Level Maker Edit

The nominees are:

  • Editor:_Teije
  • Zeldamaster12
  • Q12546wer22
  • LariosonicWJT
  • Popthatcorn14

The winner is: Zeldamaster12

Best Hold Level Maker Edit

The nominees are:

  • Oomphalapompatronium
  • Mrckv3
  • Q12546wer22
  • LariosonicWJT
  • Segomac

The winner is: Q12546wer22

Best Series Edit

The nominees are:

  • SAW Arc 2 - Lord Apoplexy
  • Zelda Dungeons - Orangetack
  • Aticallapo - Editor:_Teije
  • Super Classic World - Przem1994
  • Mario's Revenge - SkoplerVision

The winner is: Super Classic World - Przem1994

Best User Edit

The nominees are:

  • Orangetack
  • Felipe de Farias
  • Przem1994
  • Lord Apoplexy
  • Markeyruiz97

The winner is: Orangetack

Best Profile Edit

The nominees are:

  • Brendant98
  • Mario Blight
  • Markeyruiz97
  • Froggie06855
  • SkoplerVision

The winner is: Mario Blight

Comparative Edit

In total there were 20 users nominated and 6 winners.

The following table shows all users nominated and winners on all categories, where can be found how many nominees and winner medals users got.

User/section Classic level Puzzle level Hold level Classic level maker Puzzle level maker Hold level maker Series User Profile
Orangetack Nominee Nominee Nominee Winner
Przem1994 Winner Winner Winner Nominee
SkoplerVision Nominee Nominee Nominee Nominee
Lord Apoplexy Nominee Nominee Nominee
Markeyruiz97 Nominee Nominee Nominee


Winner Nominee Winner
LariosonicWJT Nominee Nominee Nominee


Nominee Nominee
Felipe de Farias Nominee Nominee
Mario Blight Nominee Winner
Mrckv3 Nominee Nominee


Nominee Nominee
Segomac Nominee Nominee
Zeldamaster12 Winner Winner
Brendant98 Nominee
Cr8torGalaxy16 Winner
Dukeonkled Nominee
Endershord8 Nominee


Popthatcorn14 Nominee

Przem1994 won the most winner trophies on this event.

Orangetack, Przem1994 and SkoplerVision were the most nominated users, with four nominee sections.