Add/Remove friend is a profile feature developed by Pouetpu in 2009 on Pouetpu-games which allows users to add and remove other users on their Favorite level makers list, that is shown on their own profile; commonly used to specify the friends of the user and/or also of who are fan. When a user is added or removed from other user's Favorite level maker list, their "Fans/Friends" counter will change.

This feature is only observable for registered members of the page, the button is placed at the top of all profiles (excepting users' own profile).

Function Edit


A user being added, the "The user" legend is replaced with user's name.

When the user goes to another user's profile, he will see the Add/Remove link at the top of the profile (above the user's nickname).

If the user clicks the link for the first time or the user doesn't has added the other user before, he will be redirected to a message page saying that the user was added.

However, if the user has previously added the user or he clicks the botton for second time (or refreshes the message page), he will be redirected to a message page saying that the user was removed from his profile (alluding to Favorite level makers).


A user being removed


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