Tutorial How to use A6 (SMF2)

Tutorial How to use A6 (SMF2)

A video showing how to use A6 on a level (video made by Orangetack)

On Super Mario Flash 2, an autoscroll is a level feature that can be employed at making levels for moving layer 1 and/or 2 in different patterns and purposes, depending of the type employed.

There are only six kind of autoscroll (A1, A2, A3, A4, A5 and A6), most of them affecting layer 2 and only one of them making changes to layer 1.

On editor mode, the autoscroll is represented as a sprite and is also divided into two, the sprites appears as A1 and A4 with green background; when the level maker is going to put them on his level, the autoscroll number will change according to the place in x axis.

Once the sprite is on the level, when testing the level, it will be invisible but will cause the effect given (according to the number of it).

The level maker is free to put the quantity of autoscroll he wants, however, while testing, if an autoscroll is causing any effect on a specific room or section, the other ones putted on the same room will not work.

Types of autoscroll Edit

The list below shows the actual autoscrolls of the game and their effect on gameplay.

  • A1: Moves the screen to the top of the level (affecting y axis), the sprites and tiles putted in layer 1 will not be affected, the ones putted in layer 2 will move with the screen.
  • A2: Moves the screen to the end of the level (affecting x axis), like A1, only tiles and sprites putted in layer 2 are affected and will move with the screen.
  • A3: The tiles and sprites employed on layer 2 will begin to move from bottom to top and viceversa on a limited space, the screen and layer 1 aren't affected.
  • A4: Similar to A2, the screen moves to the right, not affecting L2. However, in 4, the screen also swerves up and down.
  • A5: The screen moves to the right for a short period of time, then changes to up and right diagonally, then right again, then down and right, and so on. L2 block stay on-screen.
  • A6: This autoscroll only works with the "layer 2 position" feature; if the user modifies the x axis or y axis of layer 2 using the "layer 2 position" feature and puts an A6 sprite, the level will change the location of layer 2 from the one established by the user to the original x or y axis. This autoscroll is, for many users, difficult to use.