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Benvincent917 (Mostly known as B917) is the nickname of a user who joined on Pouetpu-games on 2013, and being more active at the end (October-November) of 2014.

According to the user, B917 is a male in real life.

This user is mostly known by his creative contests, and having 80+ levels (between good and best sections), he has also made some short dramas around the page because of some bad self-esteem.

This user has been on and off PG. According to him, sometimes he's inactive because he has gotten bored for some reason relationated to the webstie, but for the other hand he can be active and can be making more levels.

Activity Edit

Series Edit

  • 2013:
  • Easy Levels
  • Easy Worlds
  • Hard Worlds
  • Hard Levels 
  • Chocolate Factory
  • SBB (Super Ben Bros)
  • 2014:
  • The random series
  • End of the World
  • 3 days to fix X-mas 
  • 2015:
  • A whole nother series

Other actions Edit

He has made a couple of Flappy Bird games that are in his opinion crazy listed here:

Flappy Bird game 1

Flappy Bird game 2

Scratch website Edit

On he has been reported 3 times. Two of the 3 reasons were dumb in his perspective. The following ones that he finds "dumb" are here: For sharing the project 666. (where got the following report: "We removed this project because it is too violent or scary for the Scratch website. Scratch is for kids ages 8 and up, so it's important that everything shared is appropriate for all ages", in which, according to the user, the project wasn't scary at all); and for having a "bad forum quote". (getting the following report: "Please be respectful and use language appropriate for all ages when commenting or making a Discuss signature").


He is Benvincent917 on Minecraft, and

He is Benvincent 917 on Youtube.

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