• DBAF12345

    Hey guys the wikia is back and there will be two positions opened soon.

    Content Moderator and Rollback. The both will benefit the wikia and these groups will be capable of guarding the wikia in case I'm not around. The roles will be give if I'm giving the Bueracrat position. If I am not well this wikia will inevitable die as sooner or later with only me.

    Temp Admin or Admin:

    In order to be a permenent admin you must've been a Rollback or Content Moderator for a few months and must be very efficent at your roll. Another way is to be a very efficent temp admin. If I ever leave a temp admin will then be picked. However, he will not be permenet. Unless the user proved to be extreemely efficent.

    Admins have the most power outside the owner as they …

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  • Retzorg

    09dhowell v. RetzorgIII

    August 21, 2015 by Retzorg

    This blog post keeps track of a "legal" battle between 09dhowell and RetzorgIII over whether or not Pouetpu-games allows moderators have the power to tell users that they aren't allowed to give 10/10 rates to levels that don't "deserve" them.

    Warning to RetzorgIII:

    Please review levels correctly. Your review on Camdavis8's level isn't legit, spamming 10/10s is NOT going to help the creators improve. It's okay to ignore a few cut-offs but levels which generally have lots of flaws should not be rated 10/10, big flaws are not good and if the user receives a 10/10, they're going to think they don't need to improve and will keep making the same mistakes. Review correctly next time and if there's flaws, point them out. You've done this on other sp…

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  • TheTroller0073

    IK only staff write blogs but I wante dthat badge...

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  • Popthatcorn14

    Sorry to say this to everyone, but Brendant98 can't be Owner and has given the job to me. He just said he had some things to do and couldn't be Owner, so i'm now the Owner! Currently, me and G-Anaktigma are the only staff members here, me being Owner and him being Admin. I have considered making a new Admin, but i will talk that out with G-Anaktigma first. For now, just me and him are the staff!

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  • G-Anaktigma

    News - 05/31/2015

    May 31, 2015 by G-Anaktigma

    I feel sad to announce this, but I have noticed few changes and inactivity from our second admin of this wiki (DBAF12345), which makes me to think he don't really deserves to be admin anymore.

    In one occasion he told me he was going to be inactive and I understood, however, the problem was that he became more inactive without telling me the reason.

    Another problem is that he hardly puts effort to the wiki, changing only his pages. I know he has warned some people, but the vandalism got insane and if it weren't by Lady Lostris (a VSTF user) who reverted those edits, I could hardly noticed them.

    So, thanks to Lady Lostris for being helping this wiki a bit, but unfortunately I made the decision to demote DBAF12345

    He can possibly be admin later, …

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  • G-Anaktigma

    Due to the users and admins were against the wiki being shut down, I decided to keep the wiki and to work on it more than ever.

    The wiki might not be popular for now, but I see future on this.

    I'm now again active, ready to help new users by providing helpfull info and in disposition to stop users to vandalise it.

    I have to say I'll be wroking on making new articles, updating the old ones and adding more features to make the wiki quite unique.

    For now, some features the wiki includes are: The bottom message which allows you to know more about the important changes made, custom new users welcome message and a set of powerful actions aganst troll users (this can only be used by me).

    One of the features I'm planning to include is the last edit inf…

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  • G-Anaktigma

    News - 04/25/2015

    April 25, 2015 by G-Anaktigma

    Even Pouetpu Wiki got its 101st article, I noticed there are some nonconformity with it. This isn't about trolls who keeps vandalising this site, is about the small fame it has.

    I will tell this once again, Pouetpu Wiki was owned by me (not created) with intentions of providing help to new and actual users about Pouetpu-games website.

    However, it seems it didn't got the popularity I really expected, and few of the users of our PG community aren't agree with the creation of this, objecting that they find the wiki pointless since the creation of Brendant98's guide; and to say the truth, I'm agree with them.

    "Why to keep fighting with trolls if, even we won the fights, this wiki isn't famous, being a pointless fight"

    For that reason, Pouetpu Wiki i…

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  • G-Anaktigma

    News - 04/09/2015

    April 9, 2015 by G-Anaktigma

    I might be able to make some changes here and adding or removing information, however I'm not as active as I used to be here, I'm still having problems with projects in real life, so I will be rarely making edits.

    That means I will not be able to return to Pouetpu-games during these projects, but I may be able to check Pouetpu xat and Pouetpu Wiki sometimes.

    I will announce two things:

    DBAF12345 (temp-admin) is getting more possibilities of being the second official admin of this wiki, however I will need to evaluate him more than ever, and this might take some time.

    I decided to open a small forum where all users are able to make new posts.

    The forum is divided into five categories: General Discussion (where we will be talking about problems a…

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  • Koopatroopa323


    April 7, 2015 by Koopatroopa323

    Hi there! I am koopatroopa323, a regular pouetpu user. I have 3 youtube channels; one for regular content and use, one for pouetpu content, and one for gaming (coming soon). You can find more info on my front profile page, because I can't think of too much else to add here. :)

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  • DBAF12345

    News - 04/03/2015

    April 3, 2015 by DBAF12345

    The inital BG of the Pouetpu Wiki was pretty generic and the text, while not awful, was pretty simplistic. I added a more creative BG and a more fancy tittle. I just wanted to spice up this wikia, but if this change is ultimately disagreed with, It'll be changed back :)

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  • G-Anaktigma

    News - 04/02/2015

    April 2, 2015 by G-Anaktigma

    For now, I (G-Anaktigma) got some serious problems and projects to do in real life, making me leave Pouetpu-games, Pouetpu Xat and, obviously, Pouetpu Wiki.

    I will be inactive at thse three platforms, not doing anything.

    Wait, but you're the global admin and bureaucrat here, what will happen with the vandalism and blocking users? who will be doing the important things here? Since I didn't got any request for admin on my now removed blog post "Calling for Admin of Pouetpu Wiki" and looking at the best users who are now contributing on this wiki, I have choosen DBAF12345 as a temp-admin.

    Temp-admin doesn't assures me to giving that user the total control forever, however, I really need a person who is really comitted to work here (or at least to…

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  • G-Anaktigma

    News - 03/01/2015

    March 1, 2015 by G-Anaktigma

    I want to thank all people who have added useful information on this wiki, also I want to say I found one person who did vandalism here, replacing all information of the page: Hack (game), however I have blocked that users' IP adress on this wiki so he/she cannot do such changes.

    G-Anaktigma (talk) 18:49, March 1, 2015 (UTC) (Admin and Bureaucrat)

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  • G-Anaktigma

    News - 02/28/2015

    February 28, 2015 by G-Anaktigma

    This Pouetpu-games wiki has a new and official logo :D

    Since the wiki was using the official PG logo, which wasn't really bad option, I took some time to make a particular one.

    Even is a simple logo, actually it really makes reference to the Poueptu-games site.

    Like it?, if you want to propose another logo, feel free to contact me.

    G-Anaktigma (talk) 06:13, February 28, 2015 (UTC) (Admin and Bureaucrat)

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  • G-Anaktigma

    News - 02/09/2015

    February 10, 2015 by G-Anaktigma

    I will be making more articles for this wiki, but one of the principal ones I will add gonna be "Pouetpu-games history" (or something like that), adding important, relevant and interesting stuff that appeared by passing the years. It will start from the creation of the forum (like in 2007) to PG nowadays (2015).

    Only important stuff that, for example changed the virtual society or the page itself, will be posted, excepting users and also some famous users (I will not appear there (until I release completed this wiki), but for example, luigimario (creator of the first gold and good section levels in history (on existence)) will appear).

    I hope you guys like it.

    Also check the previous news, is something important.

    G-Anaktigma (talk) 02:31, Febr…

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  • G-Anaktigma

    News - 02/07/2015

    February 7, 2015 by G-Anaktigma

    There are few things I want to share with you:

    Theme change:

    There is a possibilty to change the background and theme of this wiki, but not assured since they are the official PG colors.

    The logo (Image that when you clic it and redircts you to home page) will also be changed to a transparent one and chaging the text to " WIKI"

    Home page

    The home page has been changed, now I have added a slideshow with the most interesting articles. The home page also includes important links to check out our staff and news. Finally, I added a poll where people could determine which user is the best on PG (not on this wikia).

    Unfortunately, I'm thinking on protecting it from edits because is the main page, frequently checked by a lot of people, …

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  • G-Anaktigma

    News - 02/05/2015

    February 6, 2015 by G-Anaktigma

    I, G-Anaktigma, am now the administrator of this wikia.

    Since I joined to edit pages to add useful info for new users and visitors, besides creating one based on myself, I wanted to be admin so every edit on this page could be safe, without vandalism.

    This wiki didn't had a admin since 2 years, being objective of vandalism and, even vandalism didn't happen, all pages weren't useful for anyone.

    Everyday I'm here to implement more basic and helpful info so every user who join could have a small notion of what PG is.

    I haven't return to PG, but when I do, I will ask the most serious people to work here with me, this to implement more extended info.

    As admin and bureaucrat here I can do the following things normal users can't:

    • Add more admins

    • Ban…

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  • G-Anaktigma

    News - 02/02/2015

    February 3, 2015 by G-Anaktigma

    This wiki has now 48 pages, which is good but bad at the same time.

    When I first joined here, the wiki was extremely informal and people were only talking about themselves and just adding few things.

    I also spotted that some people did vandalism here, chaging all edits made by people. Even I know people could restore all stuff it took a long time since other users could spot those bad things.

    Of course, how to not talk about myself so users could know more about me?, this was also my real cause why I made a new account.

    But looking at the extremely informal and unnecessary pages here I wanted to contribute more and more, too finally try to make this wiki more useful, but still in construction.

    Why 48 pages is still bad?, we are talking about a …

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  • G-Anaktigma

    News - 01/25/2014

    January 26, 2015 by G-Anaktigma

    I'm planning to be an administrator of this wiki!

    Since all users who were contributing on this wiki are gone, I'm assuring to add more features to this wiki to finally make it public on Pouetpu-games and to ask new users to consult this for help (I don't care if they add me as a friend or not).

    As registered user, I'm adding new pages and editing the old ones every day and hour. All to make this wiki useful.

    This wiki isn't against the Third Edition Guide made by Brendant98, this wiki has some tips to, for example, making a new account and reporting a fake-rater, however, the main idea is to share the frequent information users asks, on the guide you can follow all steps to make a proper level or reviewing properly. This wiki also asks users…

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