Bowser's Takeover is a series started by Team Bowser Games on February 2nd, 2014. Being the first series and levels the user posts. Currently, there are nine levels in the series.

Plot Edit

No one believed him when he said it 30 years ago, but the fortune teller of the Mushroom Kingdom's future sights came true on a dark day. "Bowser will gain a massive power," he spoke. "Massive enough to destroy the bind between the spirits and our kingdom. A hero must retrieve the orbs of destiny to break the curse set upon his kingdom, and Bowser will be forced to relinquish his powers, or we will all be doomed."

The fortune teller had told of many events. Many events that were cruel, harsh, and had the power to destroy the entire universe. At least, they would have, if they had been real. The poor fortune teller was using the same techniques that were proven to work for his ancestors, but he just couldn't get the images that were real... Until now...

30 years later, on the exact day that had been told to be dreadful, the fortune teller was gone, banished from the kingdom for his lies, and no one remembered his prediction. Everything was well, in fact, it was the 20th annual Star Festival, celebrating the raining star bits around the kingdom. Everyone was having a good time, when all of a sudden a shadow loomed across the courtyard.

Some looked up. Some ran for cover. Some cried in fear. Some stood there in complete awe.


"Muahahahaha! Attention, citizens of this worthless piece of junk that you call a kingdom," he taunted, steam blazing from his nose. "I am not here to harm any of you. If you follow my orders, you will be escorted safely."

Everyone gasped at that. They were getting evicted from their own homes?

"I have come to make the entire universe a MUCH better place. I can't tell you the details now, but if you cooperate, your lives will become amazing! Now, everyone calm down and return to your houses. I have business to settle with Peachy over here."

The toads stood there, not rebelling, but not following orders.

"MOVE IT!!!" With that, all the toads scampered to some shelter.

"Princess Peach. What a pleasure to see you!"

"What are you doing to my people??" Peach asked. She tried to sound confident, but even the thought of Bowser made most shudder.

"That is of no concern to you. Tell me now, where is Mario?"

Peach didn't say a word.

"I'm sorry, do I need to speak louder?"

"You aren't doing anything to Mario."

"WHERE IS HE???" Bowser was starting to let out his fiery breath, when Peach gave way.

"Okay, okay! He's... he's... on... Yoshi's Island."

"Hehehe... He won't be for long!" Bowser sneered as he flew away.

"No! Mario! What have I done?"


Mario was taking a nice rest in Yoshi's House before setting out for the Mushroom Kingdom. He hadn't seen Peach in so long and was eagerly awaiting the Star Festival. However, when Mario walked outside, he was greeted by ominous shadows and an aircraft containing Bowser.

"Mario! How nice to see you. Cooperate with me or this process will be much worse for both of us."

Kammy Koopa quickly sprung out of the ship and shot bolts of sleep magic at Mario. He was so surprised he didn't even have time to dodge and before he knew it, he was asleep again.


"Collect the 16 ? Orbs that are held by Boom Booms... Only then can you defeat Bowser..."


When Mario finally woke up, he found himself in a meadow. He faintly remembered a strange dream about collecting 16 orbs that were held by Boom Booms, and decided to set off for a castle-the only place a Boom Boom would ever be.


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