Ultimate Game Lab (2014 - Present) / Club Pouetpu (2016)

Brendan (formally BRENDANT98) is a former moderator and creator of the Official PG Guide, PG Collectables and PG Stylesheets.

Brendan is currently in the process of working on a project far larger than collectables, stylesheets, or the PG Guide. The final product will be released in 2016.

The Official PG Guide Edit

Screenshot 1

Third Edition Guide

Brendan had an idea to create a detailed guide to help users, especially those new to the site. The guide covers just about everything, including how to personalize your profile using HTML and how to make an SMF1/SMF2 level.

View Third Edition Guide

PG CollectablesEdit

Released in 2014, PG Badges were created to promote competition and share achievements. PG Badges can be inserted individually, or as a group via the Badge Collection creator (found at Ultimate Game Lab).


Newbie Badge, one of the common badges that requires user to have 20 f/fs

Currently, there are 76 badges users can use, divided into 16 categories.

Beginning in January 2015, users could choose between three badge styles: Classic, Modern and Neon.

Check out the Official PG Badges

PG Badge CollectionEdit

Since PG Badges were using a considerable number of characters, it became necessary to develop a way for users to use badges while limiting their character count.

Screenshot 2

The PG Badge Collection, at the top users must hit a square to display the Badge.

All badges can be used in the process of creating a collection, with the exception of animated badges, which must be placed on a user's profile separately.

PG Badge Collection

Trophies and medalsEdit


First place trophy, commonly used on PG contests made by users


Gold medal showing the quantity of Badges

Trophies and medals were released alongside the PG Badge Collection creator.

The medals were created for two purposes: One, to show the quantity of Badges the user has (divided into 5, 10, 15 and 20 Badges), and second, to be used for contests by users (1st, 2nd and 3rd medals).

The trophies, for the other hand, were only created for contests purposes.

Official PG Medals

Official PG Trophies

PG AwardsEdit

The artwork for the PG Awards was created by Brendan with the help of 09dhowell, who developed the idea of a yearly awards ceremony for the best users and levels.

PG StylesheetsEdit

In 2015, while experimenting on his profile with color changes in PG tables and the comments box, Brendan decided to develop stylesheets that compile necessary code for style changes.

Soon after, eight stylesheets were released, each with a different color set or theme.

In May of 2015, Brendan released a second generation of PG Stylesheets dubbed "Professional Stylesheets". All 22 of these stylesheets made significant changes to the design and functionality of a PG profile. Each stylesheet contains several "extensions" -- including QuickEdit, which allows users to use HTML tags like <green> and <size5> instead of more complicated code.

Check out stylesheets

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