About series Edit

CB New things of Parbounli title

"Crash Bandicoot: New Things of Parbounli" are second Ecabacer's series. Series are grouped to 6 parts, everyone have 3-5 levels. Also, it's an interesting story about Uka Uka invasion to Parbounli lands and saving them. Series starts at 12th September and will becomes as the last series in 2015 years.

Parts & levels Edit

Part 1: Beginning forest Edit

Chapter & level name Short story Link
Chapter I: Early days in green forest Crash beginning of saving Parbounli lands occupied by Uka Uka Coming soon
Chapter II: Red gem sewers Crash find Red gem in sewers and escapes from them Coming soon

Part 2: Cold Parbounli lands

Part 3: Fishing underwater

Part 4: Uka Uka desert

Part 5: Destructing water

Part 6: Final hot days

What do you need to collect in these series? Edit

This is the list of items you can collect when finishing level:

  • Crystals (20 crystals in 20 levels) (26.85% all items)
  • Red gems (5 red gems in 5 levels) (6.65% all items)
  • Relics (Sapphire, gold and platinum) (25 relics in all levels) (33.25% all items)
  • Clear gems (collect them by clearing all ? and basic crates) (25 clear gems in all levels) (33.25% all items)

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