Communist Ostrich is a user who joined in February 2014. He is an irl friend of Orangetack, which is how he found out about the level portal. However, he often doesn't get the time to come online, causing him to post levels much more infrequently than Orangetack even though he only joined PG a month later. He likes to theme his levels around some Soviet idea, as a joke.

Singular Levels Edit

Beneath the Gulag

Out of Mario's depth

Mario's Frozen Voyage

Soviet Love- Tag with Orangetack

Mario in the USSR Edit

Mario in the USSR is a series inspired by Popthatcorn14's series, Mario in the USA. Each level is themed around one of the countries that were formerly part of the Soviet Union. The series began in July 2015 with Estonia.

Estonian SSR

  • Level 1 of 'Mario in the USSR'
  • Description: Mario has just left Tallinn, Estonia, and is now heading into the soomaa national park, where he will embark on his mission of liberating Soviet territory from greedy capitalists, help Mario begin his liberation task!
  • Theme: Swamp
  • Rating: 99%
  • Score Summary: Orangetack: 9.5/10, LordCreation: 8.5/10

Friends and Allies Edit



Enemies and Adversaries Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Communist Ostrich originally registered as Socialist Ostrich, but accidentally entered someone else's email. He contacted Pouetpu to fix this, so Pouetpu created another account for him called Communist Ostrich.

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