Confirm Level Maker doesn't exist anymore. However, a new entity may change that.


Confirm Level Maker, or CLM for short, started out as a new user who made his first level inspired by Valley Of Bowser 2. Then, his levels got harder and in the middle of that, came his first and ONLY tag on his level list. The one with ZidaneZ, or JMuth561 at the time the tag was made. Back with progress on Easier World, CLM kept abusing cement blocks or hidden spikes until the castles. Then, eventually, he just stopped at world 4-4 for no reason. As CLM improved, so did the number of levels he made, although DRM kept telling CLM, "quality over quanitity."

How CLM DiedEdit

One day, JMuth561 threatened to destroy Pouetpu Games unless about 20(?) profiles have a picture of the symbol of Pouetpu-Games replaced with a Nazi symbol. CLM reported JMuth561 for this "crime" and TFKPillar76 supported, saying that Muth went way too far. A few days later, Muth got banned by pouetpu for being a "moron". Also, Pouetpu claimed that Muth lost the argument because of Godwin's Law that states that whoever compares anything to a Swatiska (the nazi symbol), automatically loses the argument. Because of this, Muth automatically banned CLM and TFKPillar76 from their Muhhh forum accounts, for "being a moron" as revenge for the previously mentioned scene. Later, Muth threatened CLM and TFKPillar76 of their Pouetpu account passwords to be stolen with a program that can grab any password on the site. What CLM claimed was that he lost the new password after changing the old one to better his chances at protecting his account. However, Muth said that he didn't even have the program in the first place, and just did that to scare CLM and TFKPillar76. This was how CLM died.

A New Being RisesEdit

Because CLM died, a new user entered into Pouetpu-Games. Not exactly because CLM made a new account named "Confirm CLM." 09dhowell even said welcome back. However, this causes a problem as Confirm CLM should have been banned due to having 2 accounts. No one believes it, but CLM once said that, "I used a different e-mail. Yoinks." in the comments. Although CLM is back, his progress in levels is really slow, as he has only 11 levels on his new account. However, he has school, so he has a real life to go to (forcefully), and works on his levels in his free time. In the end, CLM indeed returned.

His LevelsEdit

CLM and Confirm CLM is the same guy. His levels do support it. CLM usually makes really hard levels that sometimes, on the easier Kaizo levels, people say that these are kaizo levels, although CLM doesn't think that it qualifies as a Kaizo level. However, CLM doesn't always make Kaizo levels.

Someone said that this level was an easy kaizo level, but that wasn't even a Kaizo level in the first place. Rather a very hard level.