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alexmansick271 (also known as Cdaniel and Cd5ssmffan) was a user on Pouetpu-Games for 5 years (Mid 2009 - Late 2014).

This user had over 150 levels in total in all accountsHere are the only ones that survived.

As one of his profiles say, he thinks that most of this website's population is immature and are adolescents. This is extremely ironic as he was 9 at that time. As of now, the user is inactive, though considers returning to the site since he has not much to do in life at the moment. Alexmansick271 was the best user in pouetpu history.

Reputation Edit

The user's has received mixed reception from people, though it's generally negative, due to the bad activities he is doing.

One of his most infamous acts was vandalizing Alexmansick271's profile.

One of his more better acts was his knack for making rather interesting levels he makes.

Accounts Edit

  • Cdaniel
  • TerminatorREX
  • Cd5ssmffan
  • _Cd5ssmffan
  • 2 more that he says he has but he won't tell the names