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Creatorman (also called CM) is the nickname of a user of Pouetpu-Games, who joined in February of 2013.

Creatorman has published 39 levels for now, being SMF2 and SMF1 levels.

The user nickname, according to the user, is inspired in the megaman game.

Activity Edit

Series Edit

The following list contains all series made by this user:

  • Bowser Castle (Creatorman's first series)
  • Nightland (Paused)
  • Super Mario Galaxy Flash (Paused)
  • Super mario scroll (Actual)
  • Cold Fortress (Actual)
  • Super Creatorman Bros (Newest series)

Trivia (series):

  • Bowser Castle series is based in the Mr.X Bowser Castle Level
  • The original third level of Bowser Castle series was created in SMF1, having monster overloads and other bad things; reason of replacing it with "Bowser Castle 3: Spinywhere" (made on SMF2)
  • The third level of Cold Fortress got a spam level rank by horrible decorations.

Future ideas: Edit

The following list contains future ideas of the user

  • Super Creatorman Bros 2 series
  • Isn't confirmed but maybe a SMF1 Hack

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