Deadly Dominion was a mega tag level posted by Orangetack posted in 2014. At x20000, it is a very long size and the difficulty is extreme overall. It is in Chaos Edition, with five separate sections which are x4000 each. Each section features backtrack or puzzles and extreme challenges.

Part User Theme
1 Axew14 Overworld Volcanic
2 Lord Luigi-2014 Water Castle
3 Orangetack Mixed
4 Q12546wer22 Mixed
5 SkoplerVision Overworld Castle

Reception Edit

The level currently has over 90 votes and an average of 97%, with lots of acclaim overall. A handful of the rates are between 7 and 9.

Level Critic Scores

LaserTrapGamer: 10/10

LariosonicWJT: 10/10