Editor:_Teije(TCEM||) was a famous user of PG who joined in 2012. He had over 500 F/Fs but is currently banned by request because he wanted people to know that he wasn't interested in PG anymore. He is known for his exceptional level design and good sense of humour. When he joined the site, he signed up as teije, then later had his name changed to EDITOR:_TEIJE then to Editor:_Teije(TCEM||), which it is now.

Level making Edit

Editor:_Teije had a very unique style in making complex puzzle levels. The gameplay features lots of backtracking and clever handling of items, which leads most of his levels to be extreme difficulty for most players (although he claims his levels are generally medium difficulty). The scenery/design in Teije's levels is also very complex and creative, using layering in lots of ways to add interest. Teije posted over 80 levels, including many tributes, tags and stand-alone levels.

Levels and series Edit

Hot Fire

Teije's first series, Hot Fire is much simpler than his future work, featuring little scenery and many cutoffs. The series received generally positive reviews and holds an average of 93%.


This series continued on right up to Teije's banning, with 17 levels altogether. Although it started at the same time as Hot Fire ended, throughout the series you can see Teije's progress from a novice level maker to one of the best level makers on the site. On average the series has 97%, making it one of the highest rated series on the site.

Famous singular levels


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