The Fans/Friends (abbreviated as f/fs) feature is a counter shown on all users' profile information, displayed at the right side of the user profile. This counter only shows the quantity of members who have added the user on their Favorite level makers list, but not the names; this to demonstrate the user's popularity and friends he has.

The counter is always changed when one user decides to add or remove a user from his list, increasing or decreasing the number. In order to change the counter, is needed to use the Add/Remove friend function.

Nowadays, Pouetpu, 09dhowell and przem1994 are the only three users with more Fans/friends than other ones.

add4add Edit

Main article: add4add

Since this counter demonstrates the user's popularity on the site, is always notable to see some users to ask for adding them.

One of the strategies occupied by almost all users is to invite to add the user because the user who asks for it has added the other, in that way, both sides gets favored.

However, this kind of ad began to be quite annoying for some others and an easy way to get "popularity" without hard work.