Fast Mario is (according to most users of PG community) the first Super Mario Flash hack and also the first hack ever made in Pouetpu-games history. This hack was possibly made by Beglerbeg.

Since the hack was posted on 2015 on Markeyruiz97's website, Fast Mario began has gained a cult following.

History Edit

Fast Mario first appeared in late 2012, before SPF180 started hacking (a user who is considered (by some users) as the first user on history who started hacking PG); however, it didn't got a lot of popularity and curiosity until 2015, when Markeyruiz97 included this hack on his website, assuring that Fast Mario is the oldest hack ever made.

When users looked at Markeyruiz97's website, they started to wonder who made that hack, later, Popthatcorn14 and Zeldamaster12 wanted to find out who, making an investigation, their final report made was the following:

"Who made Fast Mario? Me and Zeldamaster12 might have found out who it was. It's a user named Beglerbeg. We found his Email on a comment somewhere else and we traced his name and we found some evidence of this: This guy has the knowledge of how to make a game. I knew this user well back in Late 2012, and he introduced me Fast Mario, but he wanted to hide from everybody his real info, but he never told me he was someone named Beglerbeg. His other PG Accounts are Owl and Mario^. We might have found out who to made Fast Mario here." [1]

Hack Edit


Fast Mario: Main Menu

Fast Mario is the very first hack made based on Super Mario Flash (game made by Pouetpu), however, it's totally difficult to figure out which version the hack is based on since the creator removed one feature of the game's main menu: the "Info" button.

This hack shows that it's possible to still make important game features changes on Super Mario Flash even after its final release to the public. The actual hacks, nowadays, are only different styled SMF or SMF2 versions, changing tiles and enemies designs, however, this hack shows that users can still change some other things (something that nobody knows how to).

Fast Mario's design is simple, the new sprites set (tiles, monsters, backgrounds and also the music, among others) are all based on Mario series games; some of them also didn't change and are from the original Super Mario Flash game.

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Fast Mario on one of BrokenAce's website

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