In the Mix is a level series created by Level Critic superstarfire33. The first level of the series was released on December 6th, 2014. Typically, the level series layout is random towards the point where it is the creator's decision on which type of theme he desires, but all of the levels are made with Super Mario Flash 2 (or a hack of the game), and uses a custom background and custom music

List of Levels Edit

Level Name Release Date Link to play
Mix Island December 6th, 2014 [1]
Hedgy Bluffs December 7th, 2014 [2]
Boom-Boom the Remorseless December 12th, 2014 [3]
Cold Delirium December 16th, 2014 [4]
Red Switch Swim December 20th, 2014 [5]
Carcinogenic Desert January 20th, 2015 [6]
Leafy Landscape May 1st, 2015 [7]
Precarious Cavern May 10th, 2015 [8]
Athletice Terra May 23rd, 2015 [9]
Ice Princess Calamity (tag with Popthatcorn14) June 14th, 2015 [10]
Boom-Boom the Crassulent June 14th, 2015 [11]
Silvery Pyramids July 18th, 2015 [12]
Nebulous Floatdown July 18th, 2015 [13]

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