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A message from server4you, talking about IR

Intensive rating (referred to as IR) is an important tool and system that activates when a total of 90 levels (or more) have been submitted without being moved to any section (best, good or spam section).

Many users encourage others to avoid submitting more levels and rate the already-available levels in an effort to prevent intensive rating from activating.

The automated account server4you activates the intensive rating and announces in the Portal Status when people can and cannot submit new levels.

The Intensive Rating deactivates when all the levels have been moved to any section other than pending.

History Edit

Intensive rating was created with the site, with the main idea being to encourage other people to play and rate levels made by others. When the Intensive Rating was first created, the maximum amount of levels in pending section was 100.

At this time, users only needed to rate the majority of levels (in this case, only 90) before they could submit levels again, leaving the old ones waiting to be moved for days, and in some cases, weeks. This action was common because the first page of pending section is of course seen by users more frequently than the other pages.

Additionally, sometimes the review system was allowed, but removed on other days, beginning a rise of fake-rating in order to move certain levels to other sections and deactivate IR. Because of this, 2009 started with a lot of fake-raters.

When Pouetpu spotted this, he wanted to allow users to use the review system, and after that, the obligation of reviewing when rating low (from 1 to 5).

Later on, Pouetpu changes the amount to 90 or more levels to start Intensive rating, and all levels must be moved to deactivate it.

Fortunately because of this new feature, and several warnings/bans made by 09dhowell on users' accounts, fake-rating decreased.

How Intensive Rating Works Edit

As stated previously, Intensive Rating starts when there are more than 90 levels in pending section without being moved to any section. The only form to move a level is by rating/reviewing it.

Every level needs at least two hours being posted and with five rates/reviews from different users.

When the amount of levels in the pending section goes to zero (without any level) the system is deactivated and starts when users leave, once again, more than 90 levels in the pending section.

Moderators can post levels even during IR.

Fake-Rates Edit

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Fake-rating is believed to be much more common because of how impatient users are with the Intensive Rating period.

Pouetpu has improved the feature of the reviews and rates, and furthermore, 09dhowell has warned many users to not break the rules; but even with these actions taken, moderators have to delete fake rates from users who only fake-rate to deactivate the intensive rating.