Level Critic was an official position on the site (Pouetpu-games) for a user who is known for his/her descriptive, helpful and analytic reviews that help users improve in their level making.

To promote a user to level critic, 09dhowell changed their status to 'Level Critic', the level critics can be easily recognized on the site for the italic font on their names.

Level critics do not have any more powers than an ordinary user, but they are famous on the site for their more detailed reviews and as such users often advertise their levels on the level critics' profile if they want a harsher, but more helpful review.

As they don't have any actual extra powers, they can be ignored unlike the moderators are. This means that sometimes users (especially newer users who aren't used to the way the site works) rage at them or ignore them (which was really common especially when the concept of Level Critic was introduced) because of their harsher rates. However, users would obviously be discouraged from doing this.

There was six Level Critics, but once the position became of less importance it was no longer considered a significant position. Still these users can still leave valid points.

Rating system Edit

All level critics use the review system when rating a level (excepting a 10 rate, where the level critic is free of reviewing or not). The level critics' aim is to point all the flaws and positive features of a level in order to helps users improve at level making. Level critics end their reviews with the final rate, their name and the "Level critic" legend.

Since a lot of users have a harsh rating system, 09 chose the only users who really take enough time to analyse the level, making them quite important.

Level critics of 2015 Edit

Former Level critics of 2015 Edit