Lord J, formerly josh34343, Lord J and josh worley, is a PG user who joined in late 2013. He has 250 F/Fs, over 65 levels, and has a Youtube channel which he uploads videos of levels to.

History Edit

When Lord J joined the site, (he joined as josh34343) he revenge rated Lord Apoplexy and perhaps some other users when they gave his levels low rates. Repeat offences earned him a two week ban. When he returned he stopped fake rating and improved in his level making, and has made several levels and a few series. but ever scince then he has been working hard making level's making "alleys" and really being a nice user lord J is recently known has a hacker has he made SMF2X and working on another hack

Levels and Series Edit

Mario's Story

Lord J's first completed series, Mario's Story received positive reviews and is made up of five main worlds, ending on World 5, the darkness world.

SMBA 8 worlds but unfinished still levels in the making

lord J's most well know levels

the realm of doom

mario's last life

Orange tack tribute (1+2)

przem1994 tribute