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Luigibonus (frequently called LB) is a popular user of Pouetpu-games who joined on 2012 (according to the first level submitted).


Luigibonus and others were working on a project called Super Mario Flash 3, which would be the sequel of Super Mario Flash 2. It was suppose to be a project being worked on with more users, but everyone left the project not long after the idea was made, except Luigibonus. But it is very difficult to work on this alone, and it is nearly impossible to work on this alone, so Super Mario Flash 3 is now on hold, and Luigibonus is now moving on to helping BrokenAce with the Super Mario Flash 2 3.0 project. Recently, however, with the new fan-made Super Mario Flash 3, Luigibonus has abandoned his project and worked on other ones.


LB's current series is called Super Mario World DX, which is to celebrate his 400 F/Fs.


Luigibonus has 6 finished hacks:

  • New Super Mario Flash 2, which is a hack themed of Super Mario Bros 3 and the New Super Mario Bros series, Super Mario Flash: Pyrogenic Edition, which is a fire themed hack of Super Mario Flash, Crash Bandicoot Edition, which is a Crash Bandicoot themed hack of Super Mario Flash 2, Haunted Edition, a ghost themed hack of Super Mario Flash, Super Mario Flash 2 Jungle Edition, a jungle themed hack which has been updated to a version of SMF2 Ver. C, and Candy Edition, a candy themed Super Mario Flash Ver. E hack.
  • His hack currently in development is SMF2 Retro Edition.
  • He has an idea for a hack themed around Kirby.