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Siauliai, Lithuania


Almost always


Challenging Parbounli

Ecabacer was joined in 24th December in 2014 years as MagicOTD. He was changed his name to Ecabacer in 29th August. He is almost always active, have over 50 levels, 1000 rates and 67 friends.

Levels Edit


About series and single levels Edit

His first series is "Super Parbounli Bros". 7 levels was moved to good section, so, later, he started to repost levels moved to good section as 2.0 version levels. He started making second series named "Crash Bandicoot: New things of Parbounli". He have only 4 single (custom) levels:

  1. Green underground
  2. Green nature
  3. Nature of Lithuania
  4. 13th birthday special level

Series list Edit

Super Parbounli Bros (37 levels)

Crash Bandicoot: New things of Parbounli (25 levels) (Premiere at 12th September)

Crash Bandicoot: New Things of Parbounli Edit

About series read here:

"Parbounli alliance" Edit

In 13th July created "Parbounli alliance". Alliance created because Ecabacer (then MagicOTD) needed to create a friend community in one team. But he retired from level posting and nobody, so, he "took a break from PG". During his "inactivity", he gave leader position to lord J. Lord J is now a "Parbounli alliance" leader from 30th July. Alliance have rules (who everyone should follow) and bonuses (who allies get from leader). Now "Parbounli alliance" have 7 members (allies):

  1. Ecabacer (alliance creator, former leader)
  2. InsaneSanic
  3. lord J (alliance leader)
  4. Racer812NE1
  5. przem1994
  6. BrawlerDayComics
  7. JJ7
  8. wolfforthewin

Ecabacer is now making badges for great and hard jobs. He planned to create 30 badges and post them after working on last. Only allies (alliance members) will can post them to his/her profiles. Currently finished 15/30 badges but he stopped making badges at the moment. Badges will be based in 2 groups:

  • Community badges
  • Working badges

Trivia Edit

  • He planning to hold 1st question contest about his "CB: NTOP" series.
  • He created "Parbounli alliance", a friend community in one team.

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