The Member list is a Pouetpu-games site section which shows the actual users registered on the website.

This section used to be an important feature of Pouetpu-games, but recently became useless for most of users.

Member list is commonly used by veteran and normal users to find the new users who joined recently, so they could add a welcome on their profiles and talk about the site.

First AppearanceEdit

When Pouetpu-games first got released, it came with a well functioning Member List that showed all members that were registered on Pouetpu-games in order.

The Memberlist RecentlyEdit

While everyone found the memberlist useful, Pouetpu decided to downgrade the Member list. Now, only new members that have joined will appear, and after they have been registered onto the site for longer than 72 hours, they will disappear from the list. Nobody knows the reason why Pouetpu has done this. One of the following reasons this could have happened, is because this feature was lagging the site's server.

Recently, a lot of the members on the member list have been troll accounts, but that should stop soon.