mitja (also known as mitjar,mitjas,mitjax,TheMitjaX,CuteAnimeGirl,Lord Charizard,Playstation,etc...) Is the creator of six Super Mario Flash hacks: Super Corn Flash  , Super Food Flash  , SMF2 MLG edition  and SMF1 castle edition , SMF1 Grass Edition , SMF1 Cave edition and Super Mario Bros 2 Flash.


This user first appeared on Pouetpu-Games as mitja somewhere in 2010 where he got banned for reason spamming he then later had more accounts like mitjar and mitjas who were banned as well. Mitjar and mitjas got banned for the same reason as his original account. While mitjax got banned because of requesting it. Mitja is mostly infamous for his spamming and inappropriate(drama). Mitja also got unbanned on his original "mitja" account which was later banned again and this time forever.


This is the second thing mitja is very well known for they're disguises. His disguises include CuteAnimeGirl,Lord Charizard and Playstation there are of course more but not worth being mentioned. Mitja failed at every single one of them. Playstation being the shortest not even lasting a day , his last disguise was also Playstation which was banned somewhere in 2014 after that mitja has not created more "disguise" accounts.

Hack-Sharing Accounts

In 2015, Mitja created 3 accounts specifically to share his three Super Mario Flash 1 hacks, although they did nothing to disguise the fact that Mitja created them. He posted 2 levels with his "SMF1 castle edition" account and posted one level for the other two account; he also reviewed some levels with them. All three where quickly banned.


Mitja is known for hating mostly everyone except few users which are Axew and DramallamaDRM. Axew is his best friend while DramallamaDRM is just a friend. Mitja seems to have rivarly with Popthatcorn14, Unown.

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