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Mr.Crackerpants (also known as MCP or Mr.C) is the nickname of a user who joined on Pouetpu Being better recognized because of his creative levels. He is currently retired.


mrcrackerpants (How his user names was originally spelled) came on to Pouetpu after finding a message on SMF1 saying "Check updated Version!" He clicked on it, and decided it was pretty cool, so he joined the site.

One day, MCP came across an idea of making Mario going to school, so that's exactlly what he did. Soon, when he posted it, it was a instant hit. People soon started liking his levels, and he made more.

Some time after, he even got his named changed to "Mr.Crackerpants," to look more official. Then, one day, Pouetpu, the web master, banned almost everyone in june 2014. Even Mr.Crackerpants was banned. Mr.Crackerpants was one of the first users to ask for his page back, so Pouetpu agreed.

He also was one of the first users to actually post on Pouetpu's page when Pouetpu was active.[2]

After a while, though, MCP rarely made levels. To this day he still goes on Pouetpu to check what's going on. Altogether, he's a Pouetpu-games' veteran member.


Famous levelsEdit

The following list shows his most rated and recognized levels:

  • Mario goes to school![3]
  • Springloaded Mayhem!!![4]
  • Super Mario and the ? Ball![5]
  • Camping![6]
  • Down in the Dumps.[7]
  • The Mystical Island of Dreams[8]
  • The Basement...[9]
  • Ice Cold (troll level, meant to be mean to you, hence "Ice Cold")[10]
  • Super Mario Man! Parts 1 [11]
  • SMF Mini Golf![12]
  • The Mushroom Forest[13]
  • Galactic Piped Plains[14]
  • Green Koopas and Red Shells[15]

Recording levelsEdit

Since some users were recording their levels played and completed by themselves, MCP wanted to record his own ones.

The following link shows all his records:


He has made a website:

Other activityEdit

According to the user, he also writes stories on the Custom Bionicle wiki: