New Super Mario Flash 2 is a game hack of Super Mario Flash 2, but remade with HD sprites, tiles and music that give it a new feeling. The name makes reference to an update of the game made by Pouetpu and also that the game uses New Super Mario Bros DS/Wii/U sprites. The hack was created by Luigibonus on his website. Edit


The first version of New Super Mario Flash 2 that came to the public was version 0.5.0, which was the hack pretty much half finished. However, the hack is now finished. Currently, the latest version of the hack is 1.0.2, which came out recently and it fixes some minor cut-offs and did some performance improvements.


The hack comes with 9 different default themes! You can also import your own theme (Background) using the Custom Background feature. The default themes are:

  • 1. Grassland
  • 2. Hills & Ocean
  • 3. Forest
  • 4. Dungeon
  • 5. Cave
  • 6. Underwater City
  • 7. Ghosthouse Castle
  • 8. Athletic Mushroom Clouds
  • 9. Night above the clouds


The hack comes currently with MORE tilesets than the original Super Mario Flash 2! All the tilesets are listed here:

  • 1. General Tiles (?-Blocks, brick blocks, etc.)
  • 2. Grassland
  • 3. Underground/Cave
  • 4. Jungle/Forest
  • 5. Bonus Tiles (More have been added)
  • 6. Battle Bricks (The brown blocks from Super Mario Bros 3)
  • 7. Stone Tiles
  • 8. Castle/Ghosthouse
  • 9. Super Mario Bros 3 Platform & Chiseled Blocks
  • 10. 2 Mushroom Tilesets
  • 11. Bridge Tiling
  • 12. Pipes
  • 13. Fences
  • 14. Airship/Tank

Bonus features are that the hack comes with brand new scenery as well, including 2 fences, 1 flower, 2 types of grass and more new scenery.

Trivia Edit

  • New Super Mario Flash 2 is pretended to change all tiles and sprites to make the hack more original.
  • A lot of the tiles are sprited by Luigibonus himself, and tons of effort is put into each tile.
  • For some reason, in the 0.7.5 update, random tiles had disappeared. However, not long after the release of 0.7.5, 0.7.6 got released fixing the missing tiles glitch.
  • New Super Mario Flash 2 is Luigibonus' first hack ever made.


The hack isn't loading, what can I do?

  • The game requires the latest flash player update to be installed. It is recommended that people update their flash player from the control panel of their Windows/Mac system (Not from the flash player website itself).
  • Since all the hacks on Luigibonus' website are directly loaded from other websites using HTML, hacks may not work on browsers that don't support the HTML. Try using another browser.
  • Make sure you have cookies enabled on my website.

External links Edit

New Super Mario Flash 2 on Luigibonus' website