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Popthatcorn14 (also known as Pop) was a Pouetpu-Games Moderator and briefly became Global Moderator, but was revoked from it after promoting an unexperienced user who in turn promted numerous unexperienced users. He was banned shortly after by request. He became Moderator on February 28th, 2015, but was revoked from it around the September 13, 2015. His last series was called Mario in the USA. Outside of Pouetpu, he was a wikia admin, but was demoted, due to inactivity. He was also an admin on the discord chat, but due to controversy involving Claude, he was demoted.


This user first appeared on Pouetpu-Games as hotpocketyum307 on June 28th, 2012. When he made an account on July 19th, 2012 (which is his present day name), it deleted his first account, and he had to move on to it.


As of recently, Popthatcorn14 was a moderator and was been doing his moderator duty's as well as making levels for his Mario in the USA with many of those levels being tag levels with other users. He was also posting the longest Mega Tag after he finishes his series and start another series after that called 7 Days in Russia in July.

Due to his great skills as a moderator he and Mario Blight were promoted to Global Moderator giving him the same abilities as 09d. He however, made BrokenAce a global moderator, since he saw him as a suitable replacement before he left the site and wanted to have "a little fun" on Pouetpu. BrokenAce however made numerous other users moderators. Pouetpu himself returned and demoted all moderators briefly, but gave all of them except Pop there roles back. Since then, he has been banned from Pouetpu (by request), and personally left the chats (Discord and Xat) and wikia. Despite being gone, it was speculated he was around on PG.

He returned on an alternate account on February 2016, but was banned in March, by Brendan for being a double account. Despite no longer being on Pouetpu, he can still be accessed on Discord, however it is unknown if his return is permanent.

Popthatcorn14's profile as of June 16th 2015.


  • Popthatcorn14 has hosted the longest Mega Tag on the site.
  • Popthatcorn14 was the 5th Moderator to become a Global Moderator.
  • Popthatcorn14 and 09dhowell were tied with the most badges on the site (21 Badges).
  • Popthatcorn14 was notable for being the youngest moderator on PG.
  • Popthatcorn14 was known to be the only Pouetpu-Games Moderator to release an SMF Hack.
  • Popthatcorn14 used too have the 2nd most hacks but Mitja has made 6 hacks now.
  • He is the only long term moderator to have been banned.