The Portal Faq is a page included on Pouetpu-games which contains the frequent questions asked by all members who joins on the website about levels, rates and reviews, sections, the level portal, etc.; giving a proper answer, some of them with detailed information. The Portal faq divides all information into questions and answers and sections.

The Portal faq also includes the Portal rules of the site, something really important to consult for new users.

Questions and sections Edit

What is a level portal? Edit

Here Pouetpu talks about the level portal, a forum which was made to allow people to share their levels made on Super Mario Flash 1 and 2 on the site.

What is a level code? Edit

Pouetpu mentions what is a level code and why is used.

How do i submit my levels codes? Edit

Here Pouetpu mentions the usage of the "Submit Level" feature and the limitations of using it (2 levels per 24 hours).

I cant post my levels, why? Edit

Pouetpu reiterates the limitation of the amount of levels that can be submitted per 24 hours and adds that the portal can be on intensive rating.

Intesive rating? Edit

The webmaster defines what the Intensive rating is, which begins when Pending section has more than 90 levels.

What will happen with my level? Edit

Pouetpu mentions that all new levels submitted are placed on Pending section, being now visible for anyone and users can play and rate it, after some score and time the level got, the level will go to another level section.

Sections requirements ? Edit

Here Pouetpu talks about the best, good and spam sections.

When my levels are moved ? Edit

The webmaster mentions that levels have to get at least 5 rates and has to pass 2 hours after submitting them.

Can I edit the levels I posted ? Edit

Pouetpu mentions that actually users can make changes when the level is still on Pending section.

Portal rules and level posting rules Edit

Main article: Portal rules

This section compilates the actual important rules users have to follow in order to respect the community, rate properly, avoid any fight and problem, maintain the peace and how to submit a proper level.

Any more info? Edit

Pouetpu makes two important arguments:

  • Users should know that moderators may manually move any level and ignore the moving and section requirements.
  • Moderators and Pouetpu may delete any level without any notice.So all users should save their levels codes on their computer.