In 2016, Pouetpu-Games became a lawless state when Brendan resigned from his position as moderator. This left no one to warn or ban users, leading to all hell breaking loose. Users like popthatcorn14 and SkoplerVision created spam accounts to fake rate and grab Pouetpu's attention so that he could fix the site. At the same time, other users took advantage of the lawlessness, such as Lord J, who posted explicit content on his profile and gave his levels inappropriate titles. This was seen as a good laugh.

When Pouetpu returned mainly due to a DDoS, he banned the users who were causing the mayhem. But in addition, he started to ban any other users who posted links to Level Palace, an alternative site Brendan has created to Pouetpu Games. He stated it was because they were phishing, which isn't true. The real reason is probably that he is worried about losing ad revenue as people leave his site. Other users were incorrectly banned for double accounts, and some were banned without a reason.

Pouetpu even made the term "levelpalace" change into "pouetpu_games", which is pathetic.

This Genocide is still going on today. Here is the memorial of users banned, to ensure they are never forgotten. If there is anyone who is not on this list but has been banned since April 2016, please add his/her name.

Users banned during Mass Genocide Edit

  • Mario Blight
  • Brendan
  • Froggie06855
  • SkoplerVision
  • BrokenAce
  • Zeldamaster12
  • 8power8
  • Tezie
  • LaserTrapGamer
  • Mario00000000
  • TheBlackKoopa232
  • The Flying Dutchman
  • Bruno Cristian Rocha
  • FullMetalDragon
  • Lord J
  • Softendo
  • PrzemekXD
  • kubinka0505
  • Wolfforthewin
  • Undertalers (Lord Eevee/Kilat)
  • Carlos V
  • Lord Luigi-2014
  • Orangetack
  • Squidward69
  • Dinosaur
  • ZidaneZ
  • Blockaye
  • Squidward69

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