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The Pouetpu-games website (known frequently as PG), is the main site of the Pouetpu community, developed and modified by Pouetpu. Created in February 2009 and still active up until 2012, when the webmaster went inactive., collecting and containing all games made by him: Super Mario Flash and Super Mario Flash 2; the site is also the central level sharing and reputation media where users can check for others' levels and critique about them. it became obsolete when Super Mario Maker was out, and the website fell.

Pouetpu-games home page

Since pbwiki forums (a forum created before Pouetpu-games) was not supporitng Adobe Flash Player 10 for Super Mario Flash, Pouetpu decided to launch this website.

Pouetpu-games' aim is to be a child friendly and fun social network where users can share their levels and Mario game hobbies to improve at level making.

The site offers the possibility to upload all users' level creations to be played by others and be given a particular score by using a voting system.

History Edit

Main article: The history of Pouetpu-games

Pouetpu-games was created in February 2009, after the creation of Super Mario Flash and a forum with similar features of the site, because of problems supporting Adobe Flash Player 10.

Nowadays, the site has an amount of more than 60,000 registered users and more than 50,000 submitted levels moved to Best and Good sections (discounting spam and pending ones).

The site gained popularity after the release of its second game, called Super Mario Flash 2.

Actually, the site has only two games, which have been edited and changed by several users for their hacks.

Even with the inactivity of the creator (Pouetpu), the site achieved extreme fame in 2014-2015.

there were 3 moderators, Mario Blight, PopThatCorn14, and Markeyruiz97. There was also one Global Moderator named 09dHowell. of the 4, Mark resigned and Pop was banned on Sept. 14. 2015 for vandalizing the website.

Structure Edit

Pouetpu-games site is divided into six principal pages:

  • Portal Home page: The principal page shown when accessing the page normally, the page shows all messages writen by Pouetpu himself, being the most important ones. The home page hasn't been edited since 2012.
  • Games page: It shows all game developed by Pouetpu (currently, two), a short description and screenshots of them.
  • Members page: This page shows all members who have joined on Pouetpu-games to share and rate levels submitted by other users. Previously, all users were able to check all accounts, however, on 2012 Pouetpu changed it and only shows 29 new users joined.
  • Level portal page: The principal page of level classification, sharing media and generation of other messages, this page also includes a verifier of who is online. The level portal can be also divided mainly into:
    • Pending levels: levels that havent been given a rank yet and are awaiting revw
    • Best levels: the top rated levels of them all
    • Good levels: good, fun levels that many people like
    • Spam levels: levels that break the rules, have nothing interesting, or are fundamentally flawed
    • Top Levels: the most recent category, the levels rated 93% or above
  • Portal Faq: Page which includes all common questions with anwsers and rules of the site.
  • Login/Register: The principal account creation and usage form.
  • Intensive Rating: when the Pending Levels section has 90 uncategorized levels or above, you are unable to post any new levels untill every level gets at least 5 ratings and moved into Good, Best, Spam, or Top. this continues until there are no levels left.

Features Edit

The following list shows all principal things can be done on Pouetpu-games site:

  • Everybody can play Super Mario Flash and Super Mario Flash 2 games.
  • Everybody can check at the level portal and get a level code to play.
  • Everybody can look at any user's profile.
  • Only the users registered on the site can upload a level on the level portal page.
  • The users registered can change their own profile, being able to add from normal description to some HTML tricks.
  • Members of the site can rate/review others' levels
  • All users are able to leave a comment on anybody's user profile (Required two levels on good or best sections).
  • Members of the site are able to add and remove other users on their "Favorite level makers" list.
  • Users can ignore/unignore other users, avoiding them to rate and leave a comment on users' levels and profiles.
  • Users are able to use the "Search user/level" function.
  • Members can report other users to moderators and Pouetpu himself (even inactive for now).

Virtual community Edit

Main article: Virtual community

All members registered on the site have the capacity to talk with other users and make a friend relation, acting as a real society where people cannot see each other physically but digitally (depending on how the users behave). Virtual society is the term that applies all users on this website.

The virtual society is composed of:

  • Users: People who have joined on Pouetpu-games, ready to share their level making abilities and talk with other people.
  • Moderators: People who are in charge of administrating the site and respond on every social activity.
  • Global moderator: In charge of administrate the most important features of the site and other things that moderators can't.
  • Webmaster: Creator of the site.
  • Level Critic: Given to Level Critics.
  • Banned:(insert banning reason here) Given to people who have been banned.