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The following article could have some bad grammar and orthography mistakes, however, this could be intentionally because is based on something with the same problems. Do not fix the mistakes until the real thing of what is based is changed.
The Pouetpu-games hierarchy (made by Carlos V) is an explanation of hierarchies that exist in Pouetpu. It was created in order to explain better the site hierarchy settings. This hierarchy, even based on the actual ranks, is not an official explanation and isn't totally approved by any Pouetpu staff; also, in order to make it legit, the creator (Carlos V) should not name this as his creation.

The explanation is divided into three parts:

  • Written explanation;
  • PG Staff, Level Critics and Experienced Users;
  • Graphics.

Written explanation: Edit

PG staff

Includes Pouetpu (Webmaster) and moderators (These users may exclude false votes, change the user's status and help anyone in any doubt). Also can ban users who are doing something against the rules.

Level Critics

Are users that have the best assess for level making. They explain the actual level mistakes (if the level has), looks at if the level is not against the rules, etc.

Experienced users:

Are users who have more than 1 year of use and can help new users in a more simple way, (such as creating banners), these users can also have good amount of levels in the best section or a good range of rates, etc.

Users new and not experienced

These are the users who had reached the site now. Usually need some help.

Inactive or banned users

Are users, that somehow did something against the rules of the site (banned) or retired (inactive). The chance of them coming back is low.

Moderators, level critics and Experienced Users: Edit

PG Staff

  • Pouetpu(Webmaster)
  • 09dhowell(Global moderator)
  • Mario Blight(Moderator)
  • Popthatcorn14(Moderator)
  • Markeyruiz97(Moderator)

Level Critics

  • Zeldamaster
  • Orangetack
  • LariosonicWJT
  • Lord Apoplexy
  • LaserTrapGamer

Experienced users

  • Przem1994
  • Felipe de Farias
  • oomphalapompatronium
  • Lord Apoplexy
  • Q12546wer22
  • 7SuperMarioBros7
  • Lord J
  • Factor M
  • TurboMan9001
  • Squidward
  • Softendo
  • Derpy Hooves
  • SonicColors
  • MCMooshroom
  • 8power8
  • TheRussian
  • SkoplerVision
  • Carlos V
  • cr8torGalaxy16
  • Creatorman
  • Editor:_Teije(TCEM||)
  • LightSage1331
  • Multi
  • Lexa20044
  • M2RaqadNova
  • MagicOTD
  • VladutUser
  • Osman2001
  • productions005
  • Bowserbutt
  • froggie06855
  • Tranvucam
  • sandrosshubitidze
  • Pkmn trainer Jake
  • CannedBreadz
  • Jamesbond13
  • Leer201
  • BrokenAce
  • Segomac
  • Axew14
  • Jacobcamo
  • Ashtonirwin
  • The Code-Edit master
  • pr00
  • racer8121
  • Captain Smitty
  • 2012man
  • tylerthegreat

Graphics Edit

PG staff: 0.00015% of users

Level Critic: 0.00015% of users

Experienced users: 0.8% of users

Users new and not experienced: 9.1% of users

Inactive or banned users: 89.8% of users