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przem1994 (commonly called just przem) is the nickname of a fairly well known user of Pouetpu-games who joined in 2009, being principally recognized for be the user with more levels than any other user in Pouetpu-games history, having a total of 600 levels submitted.

This user is also known for be the third member with more Fans/Friends of the site, having more than 1350 f/fs.

This user is a good reference of an active member who always develops a good range of classic levels, levels which mostly of them gets on Best section and gets rated with more than 20 different users.

This is one of the oldest users who joined at the site and is still active.

Przem won three trophies and a nominee at the 2014 PG Awards (Best Classic Level, Best Classic Level Maker, Best Series and Best User).

Activity Edit

Levels and series Edit

According to the actual statistics, this user has submitted 600 levels, making him the user with the most levels developed on Pouetpu-games.

Almost all of his levels are part of an specific level series, only 9 levels are custom levels (principally tags and special levels).

Trivia Edit

  • This user is the most active on Pouetpu-games, being online since 2009 without leaving it and submitting levels every saturday/sunday.
  • He's often called a bot by some users, because of his partially repetitive reviews on others' levels, besides of being usually the first user who reviews a level.