server4you is bot-user who is in charge to administrate some basic stuff, leaving occasional messages of what changed in the site.

sever4you is mostly known for making ads about the start and end of the intensive rating, as it can control this feature.

Even though server4you isn't a real person, there are some users who leaves comments on it's profile, generally users jokingly do so, however there are users who don't know about that he is a bot and comment out of share ignorance.

Job Edit

It's work only consits on starting and finishing the intensive rating, which begins when this bot-user detects 90 or more levels.

Pouetpu created this server in the form to make those things that normally are difficult and tedious for one person to do so.

For the other hand, server4you:

  • Only informs, cannot help users
  • Cannot reply to any comment posted on its profile
  • Cannot rate/review levels
  • Cannot ban and warn people
  • Cannot reply reports
  • Cannot do another stuff not programmed

Users' response Edit

Some people have commented on server4you account if it was a real person.

The main reason of this is to spam it with pointless comments (mostly of them repeated) and sometimes to be a fun person who entertains the other users on the site, even this account isn't really famous at all to be checked by everybody.

server4you, being a bot, cannot think by itself, allowing such comments; the bot cannot ban and/or warn users because of this (never was programmed to do so), so this is exploited by others.

Another famous reason of posting comments as if it were a person is (and frequent on new users who joined in the site) is the ignorance that is a bot. New users frequently thinks that server4you is another user who has some power like moderators, this thought makes people to leave level ads or inform it that intensive rating needs to start or not.