Shadows of the Fallen is the name of the biggest project made by SkoplerVision, featuring a 6000x 3000y size, puzzling metroidvania-styled level with a large variety of gameplay and design.

This level was submitted on January 30th 2016 on a special website, which also included the Super Mario Flash 2 version for it.

The idea of the level came out after Skopler understood that his real dream, making a level like this, did not actually have a real limit if he knew how to work with code-edit.

Despite of having small amount of rates (compared to his other levels), the level is probably his best work of all time, not to mention his most worked project.

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay follows the style of game series such Castlevania and Metroid: a giant puzzle that requires the payer to enter to specific rooms, in order to obtain a required item, then backtrack with the finality to open/reach/free a zone and enter to it.

Shadows of the Fallen uses power ups to give Mario special abilities without the necessity to stay on the same room where he obtained them, however, Palace Switches and items can only be used on the current room the player is on.

The level is composed of a total of seven different sections, each section contains rooms and some of them include 'save rooms', rooms that allow the player to save their progress by using codes also listed on the website.

It also includes two main bosses and two hidden.

Trivia Edit

  • Shadows of the Fallen was the main reason why 'Mario's Revenge: LBN' was cancelled.
  • Skopler took almost six months to bring this project to life.
  • The level did not receive more rates due to two reasons: one being the time Skopler posted it (time when Pouetpu-games was considered 'dead') and the other because Skopler did not post any level ad on other users' profiles.
  • When submitted, it instantly won a place on the 'level of the week' section.

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