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SkoplerVision (known as G-Anaktigma, S-K-O-P-L-E-R and commonly called "Skopler" by most of users) was a registered member of Pouetpu-games, who firstly joined in 2009, but re-joined in 2014 with a new account.

Skopler is mostly known for making one of the biggest levels of the site of all time, going by the name of "Shadows of the Fallen", along with working on his now cancelled series "Mario's Revenge: The Light of the Bloody Night", several custom backgrounds and editing the Pouetpu Wiki.

Activity Edit

Levels Edit

Independent levels Edit

During the 2009 - 2012 period, known as "Powerful" and "G-Anaktigma", Skopler made some small and uninteresting levels that easily went to either spam and good sections, only few, however, were sent to the best section.

Skopler then decided to leave the site, just to return two years later after his official resign in 2012; in 2014, Skopler submitted his first three levels of a new series he was working on: "Mario's Revenge: The Light of the Bloody Night", which got a good response from moderators and veterans.

By the middle of 2015, Skopler dropped out his series to give more of his time to the new project he had on mind: "Shadows of the Fallen", level that became his last.

Other levels Edit

Skopler was part of the following tag levels:

  • "The Forgotten Garden" (tag with Felipe de Farias)
  • "Deadly Dominion" (level by Orangetack)
  • "Mega Tag" (level by Popthatcorn14)

Custom backgrounds Edit

SkoplerVision, after watching at the newest feature at SMF2, decided to make his own custom backgrounds from diferent games, such Mario series, Castlevania series, Touhouvania series (suggested by YokoStar), Sonic series, among others.


  • Skopler never was a major "Super Mario" fan. The only reason he joined was because of the capacity of making levels.
  • SkoplerVision was a nominee on four sections on the 2014 PG Awards, but didn't won any.
  • Brendant98 recognized this user on "Ultimate Game Lab" for his talent on writing stories for levels.
  • He made one of the biggest levels of the site so far, with a total size of 6000x 3000y.

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