La glitch stylesheet

An example of an Stylesheet

Stylesheets are essentially themes or templates, and can be used to edit the structure, color scheme, and functionality of a profile. BRENDANT98 originally started producing stylesheets in early January of 2015, and new features have been added over time. Despite BRENDNAT98 being the most prominent maker of stylesheets, Chris and Ashtonirwin have recently joined him.

Lite and Professional Stylesheets can be found here:

History Of Stylesheets Edit

After releasing the 3rd Edition of the PG Guide on January 1st of 2015, he became Pouetpu-Games Moderator. During his time being Moderator, he began producing the first PG Stylesheets. Early versions of PG Stylesheets changed the color scheme, with later versions of stylesheets -- referred to as Professional Stylesheets -- changing the color scheme, structure, and adding a wide range of new features and extensions. The first stylesheets (now referred to as Lite Stylesheets) were released in February 2015. Originally scheduled for June 2015, Professional Stylesheets were released sooner due to other potential plans for the Summer of 2015.

Available Stylesheets Edit


The Clean Purple stylesheet (example)

Professional Stylesheets Edit

  1. Clean Blue
  2. Clean Green
  3. Clean Purple
  4. Clean Orange
  5. Clean Red
  6. Modern White
  7. Modern Grey
  8. Modern Black
  9. Alien Green
  10. Alien Blue
  11. Electric Pink
  12. Vibrant Rainbow
  13. Bumblebee
  14. Precious Metals
  15. Colorful Spring
  16. Exotic Summer
  17. Retro
  18. Beach
  19. Pride
  20. Smart Transparency (B)
  21. Smart Transparency (G)
  22. True Neon

Lite Stylesheets* Edit

  1. Light Green & Blue
  2. Midnight
  3. Dark Neon
  4. Precious Metals
  5. Alien Green
  6. Bright Orange
  7. Dark Lava**
  8. Bubblegum**
  9. True Blue**
  10. Dark Water**

*Some lite stylesheets have been discontinued

**Stylesheet created in conjunction with another PG user. See list of creators.

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