Super Luigi Flash is a hack made by Popthatcorn14.

Main purposeEdit

The hack's main purpose to allow players to play normal Super Mario Flash 2 levels as Luigi instead of Mario, just like you could in Super Mario Flash.


Super Luigi Flash's Title screen.

In the hack, only Mario's sprites are changed to Luigi's sprites from Super Mario All Stars + Super Mario World, Mario's name in the HUD is changed to Luigi's name from Super Mario World, the title screen is changed to say "Super Luigi Flash 2", and "Mario Start" is changed to "Luigi Start."

Two of the Same HackEdit

There were originally 2 versions of Super Luigi Flash 2, one made by SPF180 and one made by Popthatcorn14. However, SPF180's version didn't had all Mario sprites fully changed, and Popthatcorn14 came out with a version that has every Mario sprite changed to Luigi, so people started using Popthatcorn14's version.

Trivia Edit

  • Text on the game's page formerly stated that "Luigi now runs faster," similar to how Luigi has a minutely faster top speed than Mario in Super Mario Flash 1. Whether or not Luigi runs faster in the current version of the game is unknown.

External LinksEdit

Super Luigi Flash on Popthatcorn14's website.

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