Super Mario Bros 2 Flash is the seventh hack developed by mitja. In this hack all the enemies get replaced by SMB2 enemies, and some, including the firebar and thwomp, were replaced by items from the game, such as the turnip sprouts or POW blocks. All the tiles were replaced by SMB2 All-Stars tiles. Also there are a few aspects of this hack that were custom-made to fit the fact that this is a re-skin of Super Mario Flash, such as Shell Guy (red koopa re-skin) and a veggie power-up (which lets you throw re-skinned fireballs that look like turnip sprouts from the game, mimicking the fact that you could throw turnip sprouts in the original game to destroy enemies). Everything in this hack is about SMB2 or almost everything (since it's a hack). Example you can't grab grass or enemies like in SMB2 but you can still destroy them by jumping on them or by Veggie Power. Play the game here.



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