Super Mario Flash 1: Pyrogenic Edition is a Super Mario Flash hack developed by Luigibonus, and was released on 27th of June. It is also the first fire themed hack on Pouetpu-games.



Super Mario Flash 1: Pyrogenic Edition

The theme of the hack is Volcano/Lava/Fire themed, though, there are different Volcano themes in this hack.

This hack has Volcano Tiles, Airship Tiles, Athletic Tiles and more tilesets! It also offers new different types of blocks like the new Brick Blocks.

The hack can be used for fire themed levels, or a Volcano world for a level series!

Here are all the background themes in order:

  • Volcano Lands
  • Inside Volcano
  • Lava Cave
  • Lava Athmosphere
  • Volcano Overworld
  • Volcano Night

Alot of music fit for all themes. In this hack, you can almost always just choose the music you like no matter what background!


  • Super Mario Flash 1: Pyrogenic Edition is Luigibonus' first Super Mario Flash 1 hack.
  • This hack is the first and only fire themed hack existing.
  • Pyrogenic Edition also makes use of Hex Editing since the latest update (V1.2)

External LinksEdit

Super Mario Flash 1: Pyrogenic Edition on Luigibonus' website.

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