Chaos Edition is the second of two game hacks developed by ZidaneZ, and the most famous from this user. The hack presents a dark, gothic and bloody Super Mario Flash 2 theme, being another alternative design version for Super Mario Flash 2.

The hack is also one of the first ones which have actually changed all SMF2 sprites, tiles, music and backgrounds, making one of the most creative and original hacks.

This hack is one of the most used hacks by users of the PG community, being principally occupied by its own creator (ZidaneZ) and Lord Apoplexy, among others.

The hack has been developed in 2.0 and 2.1 versions with few changes, both have Custom background option.

Changes Edit

The hacks includes all tiles, sprites, sounds, music and backgrounds changes, however, not for the map shown on 1-player game.

  • 9 new backgrounds featuring a ghotic style
  • New tiles set which replaces other tiles, all of them with a dark style.
  • All enemies color and several parts of them changed
  • All sounds and music changed, the music is from different games and artists.

The difference between 2.0 and 2.1 versions is with few changes to sprites, tiles and music.

Response Edit

The hack, when it was first released and nowadays, caused a good response and criticism from the PG community and hackers overall.

In difference with Super Muth Flash (made by ZidaneZ too), the hack got into an extreme fame even the creation of the Custom background feature.

This hack is one of the most used hacks by people overall.

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