Preview of SMF2 Crash Bandicoot Edition made by Luigibonus (Level made by 09dhowell)

SMF2 Crash Bandicoot EditionEdit

SMF2 (Super Mario Flash 2) Crash Bandicoot Edition is a hack of Super Mario Flash 2, made and currently being developed by Luigibonus. This hack is all themed about Crash Bandicoot, which is a game character. You can find the hack, along with all of Luigibonus' other hacks, on his website: The hack is currently in beta stages. The official release will be August 22th.

Update Schedule

Super Mario Flash 2: Crash Bandicoot Edition has an update schedule. Every Saturday at 8:00PM (UK time) Luigibonus' releases a new update. This will repeat until the hack is complete.

About the hackEdit

This hack has been requested by 09dhowell, because of his upcoming Crash Bandicoot themed series which will be coming out in October. Luigibonus had just finished his other SMF2 hack, New Super Mario Flash 2, while the other hack developers where still working on their recent ones, so Luigibonus decided to make the hack for 09. But of course, the hack is open and playable for everyone! The hack is currently using SMF2's latest version, 2.1.


  • 7 new default backgrounds
  • 13 new music tracks from the Crash Bandicoot series
  • Mario has been fully changed to Crash Bandicoot (except World Map)
  • New tilesets from Crash Bandicoot 1, 2 & 3
  • Crates
  • New sound effects
  • New types of scenery (custom grass, exit signs and torches)
  • A lot of Crash Bandicoot game features replacing Mario's (Wumpa fruit, crates, etc.)


The hack isn't loading, what can I do?

  • The game requires the latest flash player update to be installed. It is recommended that people update their flash player from the control panel of their Windows/Mac system (Not from the flash player website itself).
  • Since all the hacks on Luigibonus' website are directly loaded from other websites using HTML, hacks may not work on browsers that don't support the HTML. Try using another browser.
  • Make sure you allow through your Windows Firewall.
  • Make sure you have cookies enabled on my website.

External LinksEdit

SMF2 Crash Bandicoot Edition on Luigibonus' website.

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