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Super Mario Flash 2: Retro Edition is an upcoming Super Mario Flash 2 game hack developed by Luigibonus.



An old preview of Super Mario Flash 2: Retro Edition, when the game used tiles from SMB2. Notice the tiles are not 8-bit and are rather from Super Mario All-Stars.


Super Mario Flash 2: Retro Edition 0.5 Preview; an update to the hack based on Super Mario Bros 2 & Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels. Note the All-Stars sprites are still used, and mixed in with 8-bit sprites.

The theme of the hack is all about old retro games. In this hack, you can travel back to the world of 8-bit in this hack and enjoy the themes of the best collection of NES games, including the Super Mario Bros series.

A demo of the hack was released in September 2015, and after much constructive criticism, Luigibonus has decided to remake the hack. The final release date is unknown as of now.

Tiles From Other GamesEdit

The hack will include tiles from the following NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) games:

  • SMB1/2/3/Lost Levels
  • Metroid
  • Mega Man/Mega Man 4
  • Kirby

Tiles from more games will be in it, but the games are not explicitly mentioned.

External LinksEdit

Super Mario Flash 2: Retro Edition on LB's website.

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