Супер Марио Flash 2: Ultimate Edition является Супер Марио Flash 2 хак, сделанный и разработанный BrokenAce. Рубить в настоящее время использует Super Mario Flash 2 2.0, а это означает, что нет ни одного персонализированного фона или новые плитки в этом хака .


The hack features the follow

☀https: // текст = Super% 20mario% 20flash% 202% 20ulhimahe% 20erihion% 20hackeding темы:

  • Space
  • Forest (Outside)
  • Forest (Inside)
  • Inside Airship
  • Cave
  • Underwater Castle
  • Castle
  • Bonus лес
  • Night


Back in the day, this was one of the most used hacks. This hack came out after Super Mario Flash 2: Aced Edition, and it showed alot of improvements, way less cut-offs and more fitting tiles for the themes. However, later, new hacks came out and users used those hacks more. When Super Mario Flash 2 2.1 came out, BrokenAce didn't want to update because Ultimate Edition was old. Even though a lot of users requested this, Ultimate Edition is still 2.0.



Ultimate edition

  • Ultimate Edition was one of the most popular SMF2 hacks.
  • Most of the sprites in Ultimate Edition are themed about Super Mario Bros 3/Super Mario Advance 4.