Super Mario Maker Is Gonna Eat PG Up Edit

SMM happens to be a super mario level editor made by nintendo that is way better than PG. This means that PG might die because of that and all that there will be left are trolls just making random accounts on the site. Pouetpu-games won't last a chance...

Pouetpu doesn't care about his site. All he wants is money from it and the trolls will give him enough of it as they have to reload the register page every minute.

Users are already leaving the website for it due to how much better Super Mario Maker is. JJ7 said that is one of the main reasons he is leaving the cite, but he plans to post two more levels.


11th of september in most countries

Can I see how SMM looks like? Edit

Yes of course:

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Or search on youtube super mario maker and it'll give you loads of results

Or just look at the pics, but they don't really show much about SMM

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