Super Mario World DX is a Super Mario Flash 2 Level Series made by Luigibonus, and is made to celebrate that he got 400 Fans/Friends. So far, the first level got a very good status already; a lot of 10's from users and good rates from Level Critics as well.


Mario was just having a picnic with Luigi, but then, suddenly Toadsworth calls Mario because he received a letter from Princess Peach, saying you have to get to her castle. So Mario goes back home through the Mushroom Kingdom Grasslands to get to the castle. But what happends next? Play the series yourself and enjoy the levels & storyline!


Level Name Story Link to play
Super Mario World DX: World 1-1 | Princess Peach's Letter Toadsworth got a letter from Princess Peach, saying you have to go to her castle. Get to her castle to see what's the matter! Play
Super Mario World DX: World 1-2 | Cave Problems Bowser has kidnapped Rosalina and stole all of her powers and put them into 7 orbs he spread around the Mushroom Kingdom! Rescue Rosalina and collect the orbs! Play
Super Mario World DX: World 1-3 | Propitious Mushroom Forest Going to Bowser's Fortress through sky is faster than by all the obstacles on the ground! So get to the top of Propitious Mushroom Trees to get the clouds! Play

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