The Super Orange World series (also called SOW) is a level series developed by Orangetack, started on January 2014 and finished on July of the same year.

SOW levels were also Orangetack's first levels. After releasing more levels to the site the series went one of the most popular series of the time.

In October 2014, Orangetack started a sequel to the series, Super Orange World 2.

Series Structure Edit

The series contains 8 worlds with 49 levels in total, the amount of levels in each world vary between 3 to 9 levels.

Each world has a few levels, and also either a tower, a castle, or, in most cases, both. If a world has both (a tower and a castle), the tower is roughly in the middle of the world and the castle is at the end. Towers and castles have a boss at the end.

There are no secret or bonus levels in Super Orange World, though in the first few worlds there are strangely a lot of secret exits. There is a huge difficulty spike at the start of World 6, from where the series becomes very difficult, and World 8 is torture to play through for many people.

World list Edit

World 1- Starter's World

World 2- Second World

World 3- Water World

World 4- Grassland World

World 5- Dark Night World

World 6- Chocolate World

World 7- Ice World

World 8- Bowser World

Reception Edit

Although the first few levels in Super Orange World barely got into the goods section, from World 5 onwards the series got excellent feedback from most users, with most of the levels getting 100%.

Being famous by most of the users, Orangetack wanted to make a sequel to this series, calling it "Super Orange World 2"