Orangeland was a level series being worked on by Orangetack, this series is the sequel to OT's previous series Super Orange World.

Orangeland had four worlds, with at six levels per world, except for World 3 which had seven..

The series started on October 22nd 2014 and ended in January 2016.

Synopsis Edit


Worlds Edit

  • World 1- Mushroom Kingdom
    • Peach's Birthday
    • Disaster Strikes
    • Erratic Plains
    • Perilous Passage
    • Breaking Into the Castle (Castle level)
    • Sacred Temple (Bonus level)
  • World 2- Peaceful Lake
    • Serene Lake
    • Into the Depths
    • Ghostly Shipwreck
    • Frantic Follow
    • Water Castle (Castle level)
    • Sacred Temple (Bonus level)
  • World 3- Underground Sanctuary
    • Crumbly Cave
    • Underground Exploration
    • Flood!
    • Sandy Ghost House
    • Razor-sharp Run
    • Cave Castle (Castle level)
    • Sacred Temple (Bonus level)
  • World 4- Lord Orange's Lava Home
    • The Warmest Welcome
    • Tower of Fate
    • High Above the Heat
    • Fiery Ghost House
    • Across the Lava Moat
    • WOUETPUCOPALYPSE (Finale)orld 4-C Part One (Not yet released)
    • World 4-C Part Two (Not yet released)
    • Sacred Temple (Not yet released)
  • World 6- Secret Forest
  • World 7- Lost Civilization of Another Age
  • World 8- Bowser City

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