Super Soviet Flash is a Super Mario Flash 2 hack developed by TheRussian. It is TheRussian's second hack.



Super Soviet Flash's Title Screen.

The hack's theme is that of stereotypical Soviet Russia, as red and yellow are commonly used, much of the available terrain is snowy, a large amount of the enemies appear to be wealthy and capitalistic Britishmen and Americans, and a bear named Boris replaces Yoshi. Additionally, coins are replaced with bottles of vodka, and a belching sound effect replaces the sound effect that normally plays when collecting a coin.

A Man named Vladimir, called "Vlad" for short in everything but the replacement for the "Mario Start!" screen, who wears stereotypical Russian dancer's clothes, replaces Mario as the player character. Yoshi is replaced by Boris, a bear wearing a red and yellow saddle bearing the hammer and sickle symbol (☭). The Princess is replaced by Vladlena, a young woman wearing clothing similar to Vladimir's.

Several letters are replaced by Cyrillic letters that resemble the Latin letters visually (although the do not necessarily have the same sound as the letters they replace). The game's final boss is what appears to be Uncle Sam flying in a giant oil barrel. The hack is overall more realistic than Super Mario Flash 2; instead of being fantastical creatures based on reptiles and chestnuts, the enemies consist almost entirely of humans, machines and other inanimate objects, and bears.

The power-ups are also more realistic; while the Super Mushroom remains a Super Mushroom instead drawn with the art style of modern, 3D mario games with a design resembling the Soviet Union's flag, the Fire Flower is replaced by a fireproof suit with a flamethrower and the Cape Feather is now simply a cape instead of a feather that appears to transform into one. Boris breaks out of a crate instead of Yoshi hatching fully-grown from an egg.

General themes used in this hack for level-making include icy and snowy levels, alpine forests, industrial levels, mines, ice caves, and Russian castles. A background also provides support for fully underwater levels, but there are only four tiles appear to have this theme in mind, being tiles that, when arranged in a specific 2x2 formation, form what appears to be a nuclear submarine.

While most of the sprites in the game were made by TheRussian, a number of video and audio assets are taken from the Donkey Kong Country series. Some audio tracks are taken from the mobile game Russian Dancing Men. One of the songs is from Super Mario RPG, and one is an actual Russian song.

Official Level SeriesEdit

TheRussian has posted a series of levels made for this hack that has the same title as the hack itself on the Level Portal. It is currently yet to be completed:

  1. Enemy Tanks
  2. Bizarre Blizzard
  3. Manic Minecarts
  4. Melancholic Dungeon
  5. Hectic Sawmill


  • Super Soviet Flash is a hack to use the Hex Editing. SPF180 hex edited Super Mario Chaos before this. Using this, you can change text in Super Mario Flash 2, for example default Textboxes.
  • Vlad, the player character, may be based on the Russian Dancing Men, as he bears a striking resemblance to them, and some music tracks originate from the Russian Dancing Men mobile game.
  • Super Soviet Flash is one of the few hacks to feature original characters; Vlad, Vladlena, and Boris were all created by TheRussian.
  • Super Soviet Flash may have began development before Super Mario Bros. Flash, as one of The Russian's levels released before either hack's release used a custom background identical to background 1 of Super Soviet Flash.
    • Said background was also drawn by TheRussian.
  • The P-Switch is marked with a П instead of a P; this letter makes the same sound in Cyrillic, the alphabet used in the Russian language, as the letter P does in the Latin alphabet.
  • While most of the enemies in this hack that were drawn specifically for it are not named, the replacement for the Goombas are referred to as "Fat Guys" in the edited Text Box in Level 2 of the 1-Player game.

Related ArtEdit

The following art, drawn by TheRussian, includes this game's original characters:

External LinksEdit

Super Soviet Flash on TheRussian's website.

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