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Michigan, USA



YouTube Username:

Adam Snider (2010-present)

Years of Service:

7 years (registered in 2009)

Superstarfire33 is a Level Critic of PG. He began his Pouetpu-Games career back when the site was created in 2009.

Origins Edit

Superstarfire33 first joined Pouetpu's old forum back in May of 2008, trying to become a legend of Super Mario Flash. However, his ego and personality took a turn for the worse when he was guilty of stealing levels from other users on the forum. Though he was never banned from stealing levels, his other levels he had made were mostly Good Levels. Just three weeks before Pouetpu shut down his forum in favor of his new site, Pouetpu-Games, superstarfire33 was banned for mass trolling.

Tenure on SMFE Edit

Superstarfire33 joined SMFE, a side forum created by Glitchblaster, on May 18th, 2009. During that time, he has been promoted to Junior Member, Level Rater, and Forum Moderator. Prior to these tenures as staff of SMFE, he was a constant fake rater. In March of 2010, while becoming sober from fake rating, he was taken off the Faker Rater Chart, a notorious blacklist of fake raters who make a rate on a level. With inactivity looming, War Machine became inactive for a certain period of time

SMF2F and Pouetpu-Games Edit

In February 2014, SSF33 joined SMF2F, a side forum created by Popthatcorn14 and Zeldamaster12. In this forum, he was a Level Rater administrator, Forum Moderator, and the highest ranking, Administrator. With several forum shutdowns, SSF33 returned to PG for good. In December of 2014, SSF33 (aka War Machine), created his level series "In the Mix". In the spring of 2015, SSF33 became a Level Critic.